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meow ~~*~*~hello. I am Kat from Virginia. The things I post are things\moments of [our] lives that I find most inspiring. ♡ ♡ ♡ I really enjoy viewing nature (i.e. the universe and everything in it; everything is natural and will always be that way). I see everything as art (keep in mind, art doesnt have to be considered 'good' or appealing, just have the capability of being viewed as art). I post a lot of activism related content advocating equality for women, animals, workers, PoC, and the LGBTQ community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Please enjoy the tunes! I love Animal Collective. I also love many more musicians - see my tab "good music". Scroll through the playlist and find something you like. I think that it's fascinating how similar and extremely connected all things are to each other, yet simultaneously perfectly unique. I follow almost everyone back. Talk to me about anything!! ♀ ♡ + Feminist. Genderfluid. Pansexual. Anarchist.